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A Father's Love

The Bus Driver

One afternoon, a school crossing guard noticed a small boy apparently waiting for the bus home but standing on the wrongside of the street.

The guard approached the boy and asked if he was waiting for the bus and the boy answered that he was.

The guard explained that the bus only picked up people waiting across from where the boy was standing and he offered to help the boy cross the street. When the boy declined the offer the guard again explained that he needed tto go to the correct side of the street and that the bus would not stop and pick the boy up given where he was standing. Again the boy declined so the guard  gave up and returnned to his post a short distance away. Just at that moment a bus appeared in the distance and stopped right where the boy was standing and picked him up. The guard ran over and

just as the boy reached the top step asked the boy how he knew the bus would stop to pick him up even if he was not standing in the right side of the street. THe boy responded, "Because my father is the the driver".

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