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Antonio Galvez Family

Antonio Galvez Lopez married Francisca Gil. They had four children, Maria who married Jose Rodriquez, Antonio who married Maria-Carmen Galvez, Christobal who married Francisca Artes, snd Francisca who married Cecillio Arcos

Antonio and Francisca with their son, Christobal

Antonio Galvez Lopez With Wife, Francisca Gil Lopez and Children, Antonio, Maria, and Christobal,

Christobal and Francisca Galvez and Grandchildren

Marriage of Antonio Galvez Lopez and Francisca Gil

Francisca Galvez Gil with Cecilio Arcos and their daughters Francisca and Maria-Carmen

The Grandchildren: Maria and Pepe had two sons, Antonio and Maria Carmen had a son, and a daughter, Cristobal  and Francisca had a daughter, Maria married to Vasillos Mesimers and two sons, Christobal and Daniel and Francisca  married to Cecilio have two daughters Francisca and Maria-Carmen.

Francisca Galvez Lopez with Manuel Lopez Balles

Christobal Galvez Gil

Maria Galvez Gil with Pepe Rodriquez

Antonio Galvez Gil and Maria Carmen

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