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Mellado Lopez

Anna Lopez Galvez married Emilio Mellado and they had two daughters, Anna and Emily.

 Lopez Balles

Christobal Lopez Galvez married Genevieve Balles and they has six children, Christopher, Maria-Theresa, Manuel, John, Edward, and Anthony.

Lopez Gleich

Manuel Lopez Galvez married Corrine Gleich and they had four children, Cherie, Corrine, Manuel, and Librada.

Lopez Gleich Family
Leclercq Lopez

Maria Lopez Galvez married Pierre Leclercq and they had five children, Pierre Jr., Manuel, Maria, Andre, and Christopher.

Lopez Ordono

Anthony Lopez Galvez married Irene Ordono Artes and they had a son Anthony Jr.

Lopez Ordono Family
Extended Lopez Family

Juan Lopez  Lopez and Maria Ruiz Amat had five children, Juan, Gabriel, Francisco, Ana, and Manuel.

Extended Galvez Family

Christobal Galvez Garcia and Encarnation Lopez Marin, had eight children, Carmen, Christobal, Librada, Encarnacion, Gloria, Jose,  Eloisa, and Antonio.

The Children of
Manuel Lopez Ruiz and
Librada Galvez Lopez

1. Juan Lopez Galvez

2. Anna Lopez Galvez

3. Christobal Lopez Galvez, b 1920

4. Manuel Lopez Galvez, b 1928

5. Maria Lopez Galvez

6. Anthony Lopez Galvez



Juan Lopez Galvez

"Uncle Johnny" never  married but he was a loving uncle to all of his nieces and nephews who will always remember him with much love.

Photo Slideshow

 1996 Family Reunion

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