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Manuel Lopez Ruiz.

Alhama de Almeria

Groupo Salmeron

Brooklyn, NY

The Groupo Salmeron was a civic organization of the Spanish colony in Brooklyn. It hosted dances, sposored Spanish language classes for the children, and provided support to the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War.

Dec 2014 Eco de Alhama on Emigration from village

Librada Galvez Lopez and John, Ana, and Christopher Lopez Galvez

Ambulance that "the colony" donated to the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War

Maria Galvez (Rodriquez) Youth Ribbon from the Groupo Salmeron in Brooklyn

Suspiros de Espana/ Spanish Sighs


God wanted, in all his power

to cast four rays from the sun

and make a woman from them


And when he fulfilled his desire

in a garden of Spain I was born

like a rose grows in its rose-bush


Glorious landof my love

blessed landof perfume and passion

Spain, in every flower there is a heart

sighing at your feet


Oh my God, mortal pain!

Why do I go away from you

my Spain

Why do they uproot mefrom my rose-bush


I want to beonce again

the light of that little sun ray

made woman

by desire of God


Oh mother of mine!

Oh, who could be day light

and at the point of dawn

over Spain be reborn...


My thought

have coated

the firament

with kisses of mine

and over Spain,

like drops of dew.

I let them fall.


In my heart,

Spain, I look at you,

and from my song, the echo will carry you, Spain, in a sigh.

For the million plus Spaniards who for economic and/or political reasons emigrated from Spain during the past century the song Suspiros de Espana spoke of their heartache.


I learned to love this song and understand its significance from hearing my dad sing it on many occasions. During the last years of his life, my dad would get very emotional when I played this song for him.

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