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Encarnacion Lopez Marin

Aug 1920

(Credit to Galvez Family Website)

The Lopez and Galvez families


Alhama de Almeria,, Spain.


Manuel Lopez Ruiz was a direct decendant of Christobal Lopez who in 1575 was one of the initial families to migrate to Alhama after when the town was "resettled" in 1572-75. Prior to settling in Alhama, the family lived in Jean, a province northwest of Granada.





Librada's family settled in Alhama at a later date. Parish records from 1894 do not include any family with the name Galvez.




Dec 2014 Eco de Alhama on Emigration from village

Lopez Galvez
Manuel Lopez Ruiz

Manuel Lopez Ruiz married Librada Galvez Lopez in 1910. They had six children, Juan, Anna, Cristobal, Manuel, Maria, and Antonio.

"Lopez House" in Alhama where Manuel's grandparents lived.

Manuel Lopez Ruiz


Librada Galvez Lopez.

Manuel Lopez Ruiz was born in 1882, the youngest of 5 children born to Juan Lopez Lopez and Maria Ruiz Amat. Manuel had four older siblings, Juan, Gabriel, Francisco, and Ana. The 1894 parish records do not list Juan Lopez Ruiz as living with the family. This is because he was probably already married and also possibly living in Barcelona.


Librada Galvez Lopez was born on Jan 4 in 1893, one of 8 children born to Cristobal Galvez Garcia and Encarnacion Lopez Marin. Her grandparents were Cristopher Galvez and Carmen Garcia and Alejandro Lopez and Francisca Marin.


Manuel was 10 years older than Librada and he remembered seeing his future bride only a few days after her birth. Librada had been born with teeth and Manuel's parents had brought him to see the baby born with teeth.


The house in Alhama de Almeria that Librada was born in was across the street and only a few yards from the house than Manuel subsequently bought for his family in the 1920s and in which he would ultimately pass away in 1962.


Manuel and Librada were married on April 29, 1914.  They had 4 children while living in Spain. Juan born in 1915. Anna in 1917, Cristobal in 1920, and Manuel in 1928. Two additional children were born in the US. Maria in 1931 and finally Anthony in 1933.



Manuel was a laborer. In 1917, during the First World War he went to work in France. When the war ended, instead of traveling back to Spain, Manuel traveled to the US with his brother-in law. They arrived at Ellis Island in October, 1920.They traveled to the US because they heard that coal miners were needed in West Virginia.


After several years, Manuel was subsequently injured and disabled in a coal mine accident. He remained on site cooking for the other Spaniards working in the mine.


Ultimately he returned to Spain for at  least several months to recover. During this period Librada became  pregnant with Manuel. Manuel and Librada had also purchased a house in Alhama, #47 Dos Medicos in 1926 or 1927. The house had been part of an estate and was half of the original house. Later Manuel puchased the back of the lot that had been a carriage house.











Manuel Lopez Galvez was subsequently born in this house and on October3, 1962, Manuel Lopez Ruiz passed away in this house.


In 1928, Manuel Lopez returned to the US to Brooklyn this time taking various jobs including working as a janitor at Bordens.


In 1930, Librada and the four children traveled to Malaga to catch a ship to the US. During his trip the children saw their first flush toilet. In Brooklyn, the family lioved in Park Slope making ends meet by taking in borders.


In 1948 Manuel Lopez Ruiz purchased the property in Sound Beach and "Casa Librada" was built.


In 1961 or 1962, Manuel and Librada returned to Spain. During this period, Manuel passed away and he was laid to rest in the town cemetery. Before returning to the US, Librada sold the house and several small parcels of land.  The house is currently in the Galvez family.


Librada lived a few years after returning to the US. She passed away while staying with her daughter, Maria.

Librada was buried on Long Island ultimately to be joined by many of her sibilings and all her children.

A fairly recent picture of the building in which Librada was born.

Manuel and Librada's house in Alhama in which Manuel Lopez Galvez was born and where Manuel Lopez Ruiz passed away. Photographed in 2007.

"Casa Librada"

 Abuela's in Sound Beach. Manuel and Librada purchased the property in Sound Beach in 1948. As with too much of our family history, the decision resulted from an argument in the family that resulted in Manuel's desire to have a place of his own on LI.


Manuel Lopez Galvez found the property. The foundation and basement were built by the family and a contractor was hired to build a one story structure. Librada almost immediately had a second story added to the house. The initial construction and "expansion" were funded using $5,000 from Juan and Cristobal's World War II "mustering out" pay.


As well as  being home to Manuel and Librada, many of the family have also stayed and/or lived in the house in the decades that followed.


For example, Juan Lopez Galvez lived in the house with his parents remaining there after their passing till 1973. Maria and Pierre Leclercq and their children lived in the house with abuela for a period while their house on Roanoke Road was being built.


In additon, during the mid 1970s, Manuel Lopez Galvez and his wife Corrine and their son Manuel and daughter Librada lived there until they purchased their home on Helm in Miller Place.


From the late 1970s till 1986, the house was rented out but in 1986 Christopher Lopez and his wife Genevieve retired and moved into the house. They remained there until 2006. During that period their sons John and Edward lived there for a period as did their son, Manuel and his family.











Furthermore during the years  "Casa Librada" played host to many family members during visits or vacations on the Island. The house and property gave birth to numerous good times and countless memories from those visits and the many events and parties it played host to. 


The property was sold in 2006 after which Christopher and Genevieve relocated to New Jersey. Unfortunately, the circumstances of the sale and related issues has left a legacy of ill feelings that continue to persist within the family even after the passing of the principals involved.



Librada with Juan, Anna, and Cristobal in Alhama, 1927 or 1928.

Manuel and Librada in front of "Casa Librada in Sound Beach shortly after it was built. The second story was added later.

For over 50 years this property was the site of numerous family events and the source of countless memories.

"Casa Librada" was sold in 2006

Christopher Lopez Galvez standing in front of the tomb in Alhama of his grandfather Juan Lopez Lopez, in 2007

Manuel and Christopher Lopez Galvez standing in front of the tomb in Alhama of their father, Manuel Lopez Ruiz during the early 1990s.

In 2007, Christopher Lopez Galvez returned to Spain with his son, Manuel. Here he is standing in front of his father's tomb for the last time. Manuel Lopez Balles had the tomb restored in the late 1990s.

(A copy of the family tree and soil from the property on Long Island is kept behind the glass of the tomb.)

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