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Pre 1975 Home Movies


Please feel free to submit other home movies to add to this page by emailing youtube links to


Prospect Park

Working on Armada Lopez

Prospect Park Zoo


With many of family at Casa Librada on LI

These home movies were from the Lopez Balles family but they include many of the children and grandchildren of Manuel and Librada.



Late 1950s at Abuelos'

Running the Dogs on LI

On Long Island

Hunting at Old Lady's Part 2

Hunting at 0ld Lady's Part 1

On LI 1966

A Tree Falls in Queens

1968 Return to Spain

Anna and Emilio Sail to Spain

At Corney Island and Richmond Hill

Trip to Airport with Uncle Tony

1971 Trip To Spain

"Digging up Front Lawn in RH"

Enlarging the Cabin

Riding Bikes in Queens

Last Video of Abuela

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