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Tomb in Alhama of Christopher and Encarnacion

The Extended Galvez Family

Christopher Galvez and Encarnacion Lopez had eight children, Carmen, Christopher, Gloria, Jose, Librada, Encarnacion, Eloisa, and Antonio. The extended family includes the various branches and decendants of each of these children.

Christopher Galvez

Branches of the Family

Christopher Galvez

Above, Pics of Individuals from more than one branch of the Galvez Family

Below, Encarnacion and her daughters

Front: Librada, their mother, Encarnacion, Carmen.

Back: Encarnacion, Gloria, and Eloisa

(Thanks to Cousin Gloria for helping me identify the sisters)

The Five Galvez Siblings who Came to America


Joseph Garcia Galvez and Arita Wedding Picture with many of the Galvez Cousins 1950

The Reunion

1990s Reunion of most of Galvez Cousins in US and their Spouses

Acknowledgements: To Paco Rodriquez for many of the photos of the family of Christopher Galvez Lopez and to Debbie Galvez Cantwell for many of the photos of the family of Jose Galvez Lopez. Also to Joe and Arita for their 1950 Wedding Picture with the Galvez cousins.

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