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Trip to Spain

"Yes, Lopez is returning to Spain"

Visiting El Pardo in 1977

Alhama 1980s

With Andre and Suzanne 1980s

With Jean and Kristen in Alhama 1980s

With Jose and Jose Manuel 1990s

With Dad in Almeria 2007

Arrival Back in Madrid

Passport Pic for Trip to Spain

13 Years Old

Dad's Love of Spain, Almeria, Alhama, and the family


Sept, 2021

Return to Spain to Live Part of Year 




With Dad, Jose, and Ana 2007

Driving in Almeria 1980s

With Ed in Almeria 1980s

With Paquita, Cecilio, and Family 1980s

Nick Alhama 1993

Nick with Jose in Almeria 2006

"I can already taste the megas!"

Places To Visit

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