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Trip Itinerary

I (Manny) will be flying to Spain on the 18th of June and driving to Almeria via Guadalupe Province. Nick will arrive on night of the 26th


Updated Itinerary



     DATE                     AGENDA                           SITES/ACTIVITIES                           DINNER                 HOTEL


 Fri, 6/19   Arrive in Madrid                                                                                                                       Hostal Abadia


 Sat, 6/22        Madrid


 Sun, 6/21       Madrid


 Mon, 6/22      Guadalupe,                                                                                                                         Hospedria


 Tues, 6/23      Arrive Almeria Vera Real Estate                                                                                  Torreluz Centro


 Wed, 6/24        Real Estate in Vera


 Thurs, 6/25    Nick Depart Phoenix


 Friday, 6/26   Nick Arrives in Alhama                                                                                                     Fonda


 Sat, 6/27         Alhama and Almeria             City with Jose and Family                  Jose                      Fonda    


 Sun, 6/28        Alhama and Almeria             After Mass, Visit Almeria        Paquita and Cecilio      Fonda


 Mon, 6/29         Almeria and then to            


 Tues, 6/30              Granada      


 Wed, 7/1                 Granada                        Alhambra, Cathedral, etc                                           


 Thur, 7/2        Granada/Toledo/Madrid      Toledo Cathedral, Alcazar etc                                       Regente


 Fri, 7/3                    Madrid                                                                                                                       Regente


 Sat, 7/4                     Madrid                                                                                                                     Regente


 Sun, 7/5                   Madrid                                                                                                                      Regente


 Mon, 7/6          in Segovia for the day


 Tues, 7/7                To Pamplona                                                                                                              Castillo

                                                                                                                                                                       de  Javier


 Wed, 7/8                Pamplona then to Barcelona      Running of Bulls then Train                             Castilla


 Thur 7/9                   Barcelona                                                                                                                  Castilla


 Fri, 7/10                    Barcelona                                                                                                                   Castilla


 Sat, 7/11                   Barcelona                                                                                                                   Castilla


 Sun, 7/12              Nick to US, ML flies back to Madrid


 Mon, 7/13              Madrid


 Tues, 7/14              Madrid


 Wed, 7/15         Fly Back to CA






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