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For insurance Purposes

Librada's Gift Braclett

Given by Librada to Genevieve Lopez on her return from Spain during early 1960s.

Gold Alhama Pin and Tie Clip

Gift from Lopez family in Alhama to Manuel Loprez Balles in 1980s

Almeria Cuff Links, Tie Pin and Pin

Gift from family in Spain to Manuel Lopez Balles 1990s

Gold Cross and Chain

Gift from Jean to Manuel Lopez Balles in 1980s

"La Loba" or Toledo Pearl Necklace

Large Pearl purchased in 2015 in Toledo

Small Gold Baptism Cross

Gift from John Persico or Manuel lopez Balles to Nicholas on his Baptism 1987

Gold Rings

Almost Matching Solid Gold Rings Bearing Initials of NL and ML Purchased in Madrid late 1980s value $1,500 +/1

San Antonio Cross

Purchased in San Antonio, Texas

Santa Fe Cross and Earings

Purchased in Santa Fe, NM

Silver Necklace and Braclet

Purchased in Aranjuez, Spain

Silver Braclet

Purchased in Granada, Spain

Silver Braclets

Purchased in Granada, Spain

Toledo Style Braclet

Purchased in Gradalupe, Spain

Girl's Necklace & Earings

Purchase in London in 2006

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