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Francisco Lopez Tortossa



Paco was born in Barcelona to Gabriel Lopez Abad and Dolores Lopez Tortosa. At the age of 18 or 19 Paco came to the US and lives with Christopher Lopez Galvez and his family for several years. During this period, Paco did more than just lear English, play golf when possible and work long hours at various jobs, he became part of the Christopher and Genevieve's immediate family.


Paco ultimately moved to New Jersey working at a golf  pro until suddenly deported back to Spain. Paco return to America, this time settling in Toronto, Canada aquiring Canadian citizenship. Paco appreciated what the family had done for him in helping him come to America and he repaid this by bringing his brother Emilio and another cousin, Manuel to Canada.


In addition to be an excellent golfer, Paco was a hard working and successful businessman. Ultimately he split his time between the family home in Barcelona, his house in Toronto, and a beautiful hilltop home in Mexico.


I treasured the time I was fortunate to spend with Paco, as a small boy living with him as part of my family in Queens, NY, and later when we visited together. Paco had an incrediable love of family, of Spain, and of life. Nights out on the town with Paco were never dull and could last all night. I also look back at wonderful memories of just relaxing with Paco and listening to Spanish music in his yard in Toronto and on  his rooftop patio in Mexico.


Paco was an ecellent judge of people but he had the kind of heart that was always welcoming. Seldom does a day go by that I do not think of him and feel the loss of his passing. (Manuel Lopez Balles)




Paco in his early 20s with his motorcycle and Christopher Lopez Galvez's sons Edward and Anthony. 1967

Paco in Toronto late 1980s.

Paco on Long Island at Casa Librada with Juan Lopez Galvez and edward Lopez Balles about 1970

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