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The Dispute Over The Family Documents

Note on Family Documents: Upon the death of Librada Galvez Lopez, her four son's came into possession of a collection of papers relating to Manuel and Librada's families, their life in both Spain and the US and their immigrations to the US.  Librada's four son's all agreed  that custodianship of these papers on behalf of the decendants of Manuel and LIbrada  would be vested with the oldest surviving son. They also agreed that, the last surviving son would ultimately name a custodian from the next generation who was both a direct male decendant of Manuel and Librada and who also shared their appreciation of the family legacy.


As the oldest, John was the first son entrusted with the archives. Upon John's death in the 1990s, Christopher as the next oldest became the custodian.  At the time of Christopher's death in 2006,  Manuel as the last surviving son became the rightful costodian of these documents. Unfortunately, Manuel was seriously ill and would subsequently pass away only a few months after his brother, Christopher. Aware of his condition, Manuel appointed his nephew, Manuel, Christopher's son as the custodian for the family archives writing both his nephew and the executor of Christopher's estate to facilitate costodianship of these documents. On several occassions prior to his passing, Christopher had also shared withhis son,  Manuel his desire that Manuel become the future custodian of Manuel and Librada's documents.


Unfortunately, at the time of Christopher's death most of the documents were removed from where they were kept without the prermission or knowledge of his widow Genevieve. Genevieve was also filmed on video attesting to the fact that the documents were taken without her knowledge and permission.


Those documents that remained, including Librada's Spanish Passport, Genevieve turned over to Manuel for his custodianship. The missing documents became an issue in dispute and supposedly they were later placed in trust by the person who removed them claiming to be acting on Genevieve's behalf.  Part of the archives were scanned and copies were sent to each of Manuel and Librada's grandchildren. The specifics of the "trust" remain unknown  including the "trusteee" and  the actual physical location of the documents themselves.


Out of consideration for his Geneveieve and given her prolonged illness, Manuel Lopez Balles the current rightful custodian suspended efforts to address the situation. With Genevieve's passing there is now  an opportunity to recover the documents on behalf of the family.


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