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Treasured Historical Galvez Family Photos

These treasured historical family photos of the Galvez family show many of the siblings of Librada Galvez Lopez and her neices and nephews.

Wedding of Jose Gacia Galvez and Arita

Acknowledgements: To Paco Rodriquez for many of the photos of the family of Christopher Galvez Lopez to Debbie Galvez Cantwell for many of the photos of the family of Jose Galvez Lopez and to Maria Mesimeris for Photos of thefamily of Carmen Artes Galvez.

Wedding of Antonio Lopez Galvez and Francisca Gil

Joseph (Pepe) Galvez Lopez and Raiunda with Pepe Jr. on Boat to The USA

In the center Manuel Artes Galvez with Maria Canton Levia, with their 2 girls France and Maria. E carnation and Jose daughters Irene, Paco Rodriquez (r) Manuel Rodriquez (l) Carmen and Eusebio sons. Small boys are Cristobal and Josephine sons. Frank and Joseph.

Wedding of Manuel Artes Galvez and Maria Canton Levia

Manuel Artes Galvez and Maria Canton  with Gl;oria Galvez Lopez (Manuel's Aunt) and Jose Garcia

Carmen Galvez Lopez with her children.

Sons: Francisco, Manuel, and Christopher and

Daughters: Teresa and Encarnacion

Galvez Cousins in Picture:

Men: Christopher Lopez Galvez , Christopher and Josepg Galvez, Macky and Christopher Galvez and far right Antonio Lopez Galvez

Ladies: Maria Galvez, Encarnacion,  Gloria, Gloria, and Carmen Galvez, Maria Lopez Galvez

Librada Galvez Lopez and Manuel Lopez Ruiz and Their Family

Encarnacion Lopez with her daughters

Wedding of Christopher Galvez Gil and Francis Artes (granddaughter of Carmen Lopez Galvez

Teresa Artes (Daughter of Carmen Galvez Lopez) and Juan Rodriquez

John, Christopher, and Anna Lopez Galvez and Maria and Manuel Lopez Galvez with Emily Mellado Lopez, Antonio Lopez Galvez and Anna Mellado Lopez

Front: Librada, Encarnacion, and Carmen

Back: Encarnacion, Gloria, and Eloisa

Wedding of Christopher Artes Galvez and Josphine Carbonelli

Christopher Galvez Lopez

Encarnacion Lopez

Encarnacion the mother of all our Galvez Lopez parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

Wedding picture of Christopher Artes Galvez and Josphine Carbonelli and Manuel and Julie

Antonio Galves Lopez

Carmen Galvez Lopez with

her Son, Francisco Artes

Eloisa Galvez Lopez

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